Karin Gunderson's mom says Karin has talked about a having a place where people could come and stay to find renewal and refreshment since she was in high school.  

Karin has spent years developing her Christ-centered integrative therapy skills out of her love for the Lord and her longing to help bring the Lord's healing and joy to the world.

After working on techniques for bringing Christ's freedom from negative emotions and behavior patterns, as well as deepening spiritual practices, Karin rounded out her training at the oldest and most successful natural health institute in North America:  Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  There, through a an intensive education program, she received training to help people learn techniques that enable the amazing bodies God has given them, to heal themselves naturally.  

Thousands of people have come to this institute with Stage 3 and 4 cancer, and gone on to overcome cancer and regain long-term health.  Not only do they have success with cancer, but every acute medical condition, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromialgia, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Karin has a "Health Educator Certification" and prays that this final piece of mind/body/spirit wellness will bring her one step closer to the Lord opening doors for a place where people can come to heal, refresh, renew and rejoice.

Karin has felt a calling from the Lord to reach out to those recovering from rape, incest, sexual abuse and sex-trafficking.  Her integrative therapies help survivors dissolve the emotions tied to the events, so they are able to move forward in their lives with more self-esteem and joy. 


Karin is excited to see the healing the Lord will release in a new sacred space. Currently she is working from an undisclosed second home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Please join us in prayer for those who come to find emotional release, rest, relaxation and renewal.  With

powerful integrative therapies, good, healthy food,  and beautiful music by Heavenly Harp as well as fun activities and field trips to surrounding sacred walks and hiking trails in Sedona, we will draw a wide variety of people.   Regular worship/gratitude times and integrative therapies for better physical health, will help the Karing Journey retreat center be a place of joy and laughter, community and family, music and praise where Heavenly Harp will add sound healing.

Karing Journey, the integrative therapy arm of Christian Harp Music, will host retreats for spiritual growth and recovery from abuse.

The missing piece is you.  How has God gifted you so you can gift others?  Is it through construction skills, architectural skills, gardening skills, kitchen skills?   Is it with woodworking skills?   Is it with financial resources that can help cover the expenses for those who come with nothing.  

Will you help make this God-given dream a reality?   God is opening up a wonderful opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of others.  Karin says, "This is an opportunity to make an eternal difference in people's lives.  I have always found that I cannot out-give God.  It's become a game with me to watch with amazement as God blesses me many times over for everything I contribute.  Don't live in fear.  Live in the abundance of your abundant God.  Let's expand the Kingdom of heaven here on earth, doing what Jesus called us to do--love others as we love ourselves.  And that is our ministry--to meet others at the point of need with Jesus' love in the form of retreats & seminars, CDs, DVDs and books for transformation and empowerment.  Please email  me with any ideas you have."