What are People Saying about Karin's Heavenly Harp - one of Christian Harp Music's relaxing CDs.

From M.P. in Phoenix: "I became completely engrossed in your stories of grace and healing, and was equally captivated by the music of your harp and voice. . . I thank you for making God's message available to others through the gift of your beautiful voice and harp. You are a true musician.

And what a wonderful witness tool your patient testimonials will be to those who have not yet experienced God's grace in their lives!" "Karin is much more than a harpist. . . she is an inspiration for everyone she touches."   

From a church musician in California:  "We got one of your CDs at the recent conference. We have been playing it constantly since then. I need to tell you that it is reaching so deeply down in our souls and helping us begin to heal from many things that have been plaguing us.

I cannot tell you how I feel when I listen to the CD - the healing tears and joys come up from the farthest depths. The music is moving to begin with, but the music with the stories is incredible. What a gift from God this CD is! Bless you so much for being willing to share your faith in this way. . ."

Dr. G. H. in Phoenix:  "After listening for a few minutes I realized that this was something that had to be inspired by GOD"

"It is calming to the troubled and speaks to those who are going through doubt and worry about their standing with GOD in their last hours.

"This CD will give more uplifting support to many thousands of people with cancer and their caregivers than anything I have come across.  The accounts of the patients in Hospice that you have ministered to, and the music work together in a way that only GOD could have led . . ."   

"The professional presentation of this CD is exquisite."

What people are saying about the new Stress Release Series holistic health CDs and DVDs::

It helped me so much, I ordered one for my Mom and Sister, too. M.E., SD

When I was going through a time with panic attacks and anxiety, the Christian Reflections CD helped me relax. SP, Phoenix, AZ

The Stress Relief Series helps me to step back from a busy day and just relax and recharge.  I often listen to the CDs at night so I can hear the good messages as I'm sleeping.  I wake up refreshed, happy, and ready to start the day!  :)  I especially use the Stress Relief CDs to calm me before an audition or concert.  They really help to refocus my thoughts so that I become positive and thankful instead of worried and frustrated. Thank you!

KL, Phoenix, AZ

When I was about to leave on a mission trip, I didn't take much with me but I made sure I had the Stress Pack.  I wouldn't be without it in a foreign country.

DF, Chicago, IL


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