*In 2011 Karin completed her Hippocrates Natural Health Educator Certification. With the completion of this she feels  the integrative therapy pieces are in place for addressing the whole person--mind, body and spirit renewal and healing.  

*In 2013 a group of us have embarked on all four levels of Christian Healing Ministries School of Healing Prayer. We hope to use this someday, not only in our local church, but in the retreat center setting where people could come to be soaked in healing prayer, beautiful music and loving community. 

*In 2014 God provided a wonderful partner in ministry who has Master's Degrees in Business and Psychology and is ready to move with us when the Lord opens the door. 

*In 2015 spring Karin finished her Master Life Coaching certification, another polarity therapy class, a practitioner training for forgiveness prayer and ancestral clearing, her certifications to teach two new retreats for happiness and increased love. 

*Our business plan is finished and our summaries are ready to give to interested investors.  Please keep us in your prayers in this key year of the ministry of Karing Journey with Heavenly Harp and Christian Harp Music.


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