Upcoming Karing Journey with Heavenly Harp Retreats

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Arizona Adventure!                        

October 23-26 Phoenix, AZ                

November 9-12 Phoenix, AZ

January  15-18 Phoenix, AZ
April 23-26 Phoenix, AZ
May 30- June 3 Phoenix, AZ

Releasing Lingering Grief ~
Preparing for the Holidays
- November 13-15
A New Beginning - 
January 12-14

Phoenix, AZ

Freedom Retreat Part 1              

October 20-22 Phoenix, AZ

April 20-22 Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Adventure is offered between these two retreats if you want to come to both. 

October 23-26 Phoenix, AZ   

April 23-26 Phoenix, AZ

Freedom Retreat Part 2                            October 27-29 Phoenix, AZ

April 27-29 Phoenix, AZ

​Releasing Weight Retreat

with Arizona Walking Adventure

November 3-12 Phoenix, AZ
January 15-24 Phoenix, AZ

May 24-June 3 Phx

The Releasing Weight retreat is our longest retreat, enabling you to learn new routines in verbal and thought processes, food consumption, exercise, and more. Bring your education home with you for continued weight release in your life.