The Christian Harpist
  (bimonthly ezine)

~ Ideas for Building Clientele as a Harpist

~ How to use Harp in a Hospice Setting

~ Helping Christian Families Plan Memorial Music

~ Helping Non-Christian Families Plan Memorial Music

~ Harp and the Christian wedding

~ Christian Harpist...Secular Wedding

~ Getting Gigs in Group Homes

~ Developing a Musical Program for Older Seniors

~ Things Every Aspiring Hospice Harpist Should Know

~ Easy, beautiful arrangements for harp

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Secrets of Using Harp Music to Better Your Life

 weekly informational and inspirational newsletter

~ Physical benefits of harp music

~ Emotional benefits of harp music

~ Spiritual benefits of harp music

~ Improving immune function with harp music

~ Harp music as an aid for depression

~ Using harp music to prepare for surgery

~ Using harp music for high blood pressure

~ Using harp music in rehabilitation

~ Using harp music for pain relief

~ Using harp music for relaxation

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