Stories of God's Surprising Presence


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Find peace, encouragement and Joy in 

"Encounters with Heaven."

Rolling her harp through the door of a hospice unity for the first time, she had no idea what awaited her-miraculous events, visits from departed loved ones, visions of angels, encounters with Jesus Himself-a whole new world in which heaven would be experienced every day.

Drawing on her ministry to over 25,000 hospice patients and their families, harpist/singer Karin Gunderson shares incredible stories of God's loving provision for people from all walks of life. 

"Encounters with Heaven" explores common, but seldom acknowledged, realities of Divine and loving intervention in challenging circumstances and Divine and caring preparation as we journey toward our heavenly home.  For years, Karin has been sharing these remarkable experiences with family, friends and concert audiences across the United States.  After one concert, an excited teen exclaimed, "Now I really believe in God!" 

This is a book you will want to share with everyone you know--especially those who are facing the loss of a loved one, a worrisome or terminal medical diagnosis or those who fear death and the dying process. This book would be very helpful in these settings:


~Hospice Units

~Grief Support Groups

~Nursing Homes

~Senior Facilities

~Bible Studies


~Personal Growth

~Devotional Reading

~Homes of Family & Friends

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