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~stress relief and refreshment of spirit
~soothing for those with a troubled heart or mind
~relaxation for those with Alzheimer's or dementia 
~faith renewal

​~holistic health CDs and DVDs

Retreats And Seminars


~life purpose for any stage of life
~rediscover passion
~deepen my faith
~discover & share my story
~moving forward thru challenging times
~peak health- body, mind & spirit
~assimilating grief
~stress release
~living like an angel

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Concerts and Memorial Services


Concerts for inspiration and life change
As a harpist for over 25,000 hospice patients and their families, Karin has beautiful stories and an inspiring voice. When accompanying herself on the harp, patients often mistake her for an angel. Heavenly Harp is perfect for women's gatherings, single's retreats and goodbyes to loved ones.